2019/04/19 (Fri.)


A danger of late, again!

Hello, I am abe.

Today I went to a job interview of
A-da in Isehara, Kanagawa Pref. I had to leave home at 5:50, and take a Shinkansen for about 4 hours.

I scared to be late
like before, so I went to near the office with enough leeway : about an hours. However I thought that arriving too fast is also not good. Therefore I waited in a park nearby, and left for the office to get arrived at 15minutes faster than the reserved time.

I entered the office area and told an information staff that I came here to attend a job interview. However, unbelievable words were talked by him...!
"Here is not the meeting place, please go to the building over there."
I mistook again...!
I arrived at a wrong building and A-da's office area was so vast, so I had to ran again...

However the interview was not bad. I am confident about the result. It will be notified in a few days, and next time is final.
Furthermore I was provided a commutation allowance, then I got into the black!

I bought a Tai-meshi at Odawara before I get into a Shinkansen. Next time I would like to go to Hakone-spa! 

That is all, thank you.


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Unlucky , but lucky day

Hello, I am Abe.

In 16th(Fri.), I went to Aichi Pref. to attend job interview of Ymazaki Mzak, by highway bus.

The seat of highway bus is very narrow, so I could not relax enough and had little pain on my leg. I arrived at Nagoya station at 6:15 and entered into Internet cafe soon.
 After 4 hours, I headed the office of Mzak. Rain had begun when I was in a train (Meitetsu-Inuyama line). I had have to use umbrella, and felt little cold.
 After a while, I arrived at Kashiwamori station, and started to walk to Mzak office. I had ever went to there before to visit the factory, so I was little careless, I did not even looked a map. However, then I did not notice a big mistake...

About 15 minutes later, I wondered why I am not at the destination yet. I was supposed to be arrived by that time, so I got be impatient. I checked a map, but I could not identify my current position on the map.
 Then I found a convenience store. I ran into there and asked a clerk  the way to Mzak. He did not know the shortest path to Mzak, but he taught me the current position on the map.


I noticed the way I walked is opposite direction! Then the time was 10 minuets before the interview begins, it was hopeless. However I called Mzak up to tell that I will late, and ran and ran. Finally I caught a taxi and got arrived there at 5 minutes later than rightful time. It was really hopeless situation, I faced on my interview with a very few potential...

 In the way back home, rain had stopped. I laughed alone. Various emotions were arising in my inside. I wasted a way for future due to a little mistake...!
Furthermore I left my watch in a train. I cursed my own misfortune. It is still not found.

However, next day I received a notification from Mzak.
I had passed the interview!
It was really unbelievable, I gave a shout of joy! I understood his word : never give up even anything happened. James McCloud told.

Now I have a reservation of final interview on next week. I will absolutely not late.
There is the fight I cannot lose in here!!

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久々の無理矢理英語 - Eclipse !

Hello, IAA. How are you everyone?

Today I looked solar eclipse. It was very mysterious. But I looked without a gobo at first, so that my eyesight would be worse. Our class; Embedded System Advanced II started at 35minuites later, the professor was looks to lonely. We are sorry !

I interested in the effect of eclipse for society. A Big economic effect must have happend, such as moving to Akusekijima. However, on the other hand, a lot of people stoped these work while eclipse. It should makes stagnation of economy.

My English is still very awful !  I'm sorry.

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abeの無理矢理英語 2 - Money makes me crazy

    Hi, IAA(I am abe). Today I tald with our Leader(buroly) through windows live messenger, then he said "Your new corner in your blog 'Muriyari-Eigo' will not last long". I felt  very regrettable! I will continue this corner frequently. Please expect, everyone.

    Recently I am facing chronic poverty(poorness). It has been continuing since about last Novenber. Why this matter, I redueced the number of work(parttime job) to write graduation thesis, but my expenditure are not decrease. Give me money, I want to eat C-set in university's restaulant.

    However, I will get out this state soon. I will start the work as a temporaly teacher of Information literacy in senior high school from this Thursday. I work 6 hour a week and get 2,500 yen an hour. I will be rich! I have to repay my debt soon... .

    By the way, now I realized that this blog is linked from
HIT mandolin club's website! why!? I suprised very much. Probably it is Mr.N-yas's work, he still can edit the website.

    Writing in English is very hard for me! I would like to go to bed. See you later!

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abeの無理矢理英語 1 - Introduction




 Hi, I am abe. Recently the weather is going to be warm, I am happy.

 Today, I went to "Curry boutique-Gulliver" that is a curry restaurant in Nakaku-ward. It is at the opposite of ROUND 1.
  I ordered "Aubergine and Beef Curry" and set its spice level 3. After few minutes, the rice and the roux was served separately on 2 dishes. The rice was saffron rice, and the rowx was little muddy.
  I ate it, and felt the taste is little similar to Tamarindo's curry. However it had not a kind of addictance such as Tamarindo's curry had. Therefore I mark it 80/100.

 By the way do you know
"morning curry"(asa-curry)? This is an eating habit. Dr.Tei, professor of Nihon Pharmaceutical University said "Curry makes you smart". According to his experiment, the blood flow in the brain increased after ate curry, and the brain went to activated for computing.
 Dr.Tei recommends morning curry. Eating curry at morning acts as the switch of our brain. Ichiro, baseball player in Major league is practicing the morning curry too.

 Above, I wrote a diary in English. It was very difficult. Please point out grammatical incorrectance in this article. Today I finish the diary, see you later !

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